Post Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:44 pm

Wildmage Overhaul

This is more of a pitch than a fully mathed-out proposal, but when I think of wildmages, I think of something that could play like this...

The first big major change would be wild spells never actively harm you. The worst a spell can do is fizzle out and do nothing at all. Another perk of wildmages is their spells are difficult to impossible to resist: nothing resists wildfire and their spells are hard to save against, leading to potentially crippling situations if the variance plays out right.

Wildmages use a resource called Chaos/Instability/Insanity/Whatever ("Chaos" for this post). Chaos starts at 0%, slowly goes up each round of combat, and goes down when out of combat at a rapid pace. Wild magic will, in or out of battle, always give a decent bump of Chaos. The amount of Chaos you have affects the variance of your spells, but an important part to this is that, on average, the higher Chaos percentages should be more powerful than the 0%, to give an incentive to keep the Chaos amount rising.

Once Chaos reaches 100%, you have two choices: Continue gaining chaos past 100%, which will no longer cause an increase in negative variance, you've already reached the "do nothing" state, but continue increasing the positive, meaning your spells will get stronger even still. Each round or tick, you'll still have a chance to succumb, the chance being greater the higher past 100% you are.

At 100% or beyond, you can either manually succumb, or have it occur automatically. Succumbing puts you in a state of Madness, which does a few things:

1. If activated manually, you get a healing of health and mana based on how much Chaos you have.
2. You no longer have negative variance, your spells either do "middling" or as high as your positive variance could go.
3. You can cast Madness spells.
4. Your Chaos no longer goes up, and only depletes per round, per tick, and from casting.

Once your Chaos goes back to 0, you lose Madness state and begin the cycle again.

Get in fights, cast lots of wild spells, build up your chaos. When you hit 100%, do you want to succumb right away for the heal, or keep building Chaos for stronger variance during Madness? In fact, building up more Chaos past 100 will mean Madness last longer, and a manual succumbing will heal a lot. But, you might just succumb whenever anyway and miss out on the treat.

Wild and Madness Spells:

Wild Fire: A typical nuke spell that can't be resisted. Chaos affects amount of damage it deals.

Wild Guard: Provides damage reduction per hit. Does not stack with Sanctuary, but can resist beyond 50%. Chaos affects amount of damage resistance the guard provides (Chaos amount is checked the instant the hit happens, not on cast).

Wild Restore: A healing spell. Chaos affects healing amount, sufficiently high Chaos can have the spell capable of curing maladictions.

Wild Dispel: A dispel that varies in effectiveness. Chaos determines how likely it is to land, and how much gets dispelled upon landing.

Wild Warp: A teleport, you can provide a target to teleport somewhere in the area (like Vanish now). Chaos affects how fast you recover from the teleport, and at very high Chaos your warping might be completely unseen, no cast message or result.

Wild Lure: A summon, with Chaos affecting ease of landing, if the victim has lag upon being summed, and at very high levels of Chaos, if they get a maladiction during their trip to you.

Wild Curse: A maladiction that causes its victim to occasionally cast spells at a lower level than they should. Chaos affects how potent the curse is, in other words, how bad their casting can get.

Wild Weaken: A maladiction that hampers melee ability per-swing. Chaos affects how negatively-variable their melee potential will be.

Madness Blast: An enhanced form of Wild Fire only available during Madness. Can destroy potions, scrolls, and wands, and is fairly fast.

Madness Distort: A maladiction spell that actually tries hitting with multiple maladictions at once. Can range from the mundane blinds and poisons to curse or headache/forget/necroDOTs and Wild Curse/Weaken to other truly nasty stuff unique to the spell.

Madness Removal: An enhanced form of Wild Dispel that can also trigger withered limbs.

Madness Quake: A blend of earthquake and chain lightning, affecting everyone in the room. Anyone hit has a chance of triggering an aftershock, which causes other people to get hit again. Chaos affects damage, chance of an aftershock, and how many people get hit per aftershock. Flying people are immune.

Madness Blade: Create a summonable weapon, unresistable like all wild magic. How powerful the weapon is, and what stat bonuses it gives, depends on Chaos.