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Wild Heal

Like a mage, only with backfire.

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Post Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:56 am

Wild Heal

I had this as part of my other WM post, but Wild Heal isn't a self buff so I removed it. Though, I think as a minimum how the spell works should be updated:

Wild Heal should have the negative removed entirely. Currently it can hit you for up to 250 damage instead of actually healing you, which I believe is completely absurd. Instead, I want to maintain the current 5 results, but change the outcomes. A caster would have a 10% chance for a black haze result that would do nothing. No heal, no damage, just wasted mana. A 15% chance for a grey haze, which would heal ~25 hp, a 40% chance for a blue haze that could heal around 75hp, a 20% chance for a yellow haze that heals 115 hp and a 15% chance for a white haze that heals for 130-150 hp. Basically this makes it so the spell will Fizzle, or cast between a cure light wounds to a heal.
Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like, your OPINION, man.

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Post Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:28 pm

Re: Wild Heal

[Chance * HP]
10% * 000 = 0
15% * 025 = 03.75
40% * 075 = 30.00
20% * 115 = 23.00
15% * 130 = 19.50

This gives an average healing of 76.25 hp for every 25 mana (3.05 hp per mana spent).
Cure critical gives 58 hp for every 20 mana (2.90 hp per mana spent).

10/10 solid idea

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