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Archive of ideas that have been implemented or refused.

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Post Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:56 am

Re: Pretitle

To me, I suppose I wouldn't see any reason to need to know how much of a higher level someone is than you - it leaves some of the mystery there, ("It's someone more powerful than I am, zomg!") Whereas the other way around it helps determine what sort of things you can do to help them, and may assist in working to make the game more newbie friendly (I can see you're x level, there are these areas you can go hunting in, you can do y quest to help you by this point).

There's several MMOs that use a mechanic like this (if you're far too under leveled, you see a skull instead of a level, etc)
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Post Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:33 am

Re: Pretitle

Basically what Some Guy said - while it could be argued that seeing BR levels would be beneficial period, no matter your level. I don't see a reason to know someone's AR level. If done that way (Where at level X you can see anyone's level in the who list under level X) it makes a certain sense that because you've exceeded that point of training, you would be able to detect someone's level.

More, I just hate the dance of saying everything but 'What level are you' or having to group/go to ooc tells while trying to stay IC - particularly with trubies who generally have no idea what you're asking, forcing you to go ooc, while I'm supposed be modeling how a char is IC'ly.

(random - plateau is even worse than level, and makes even less sense.)
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Post Fri Oct 31, 2014 12:54 pm

Re: Pretitle

Leaves mystery? What mystery? We have 50 levels and AR is like a 12 level range I think? Over 1/5 of the "mystery" is solved as soon as you make a character, and it becomes increasingly less of a mystery over the week or so you spend levelling. How often has the mystery of the AR-levelled person ever actually been relevant, especially in the last few years?

How many MMOs use a similar feature is irrelevant. Unless you want me to point to the many other MMOs that make levels fully open information in return.

You don't see a reason to know a higher leveled person's level? Uh, to know the level of the person higher leveled than me. Maybe, even, for similar reasons ("Hey, where do I go" "Oh you're level 41, get one more than do rock demons")? Is it an impossible situation that a BR person might be able to help an AR person in the same way you imagine the opposite going? A level 5 being able to point a level 20 in a good place to go? If it's done "that way" (When at X, see everyone's level under X), then you just made grouping with somebody X+1 back to the usual rigamarole of "what plateau are you". Actually, it's sillier than that: The X+1 knows perfectly fine and can show up and ask to party, while the X player has no clue there's someone so close to their own level to play with.

I suppose I just don't understand why we're using those rationales to keep higher levels hidden instead of saying "Okay, everybody can see everybody's level, the end". All I see is a really weird distinction being made for restricting a quality-of-life function in the name of "well I dunno why we need that" and "well it makes sense this way".

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Post Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:44 pm

Re: Pretitle

Why indeed? After talking to Draban, we're in agreement that there's no need for AR/IR/BR. Player level will be shown in the who list for all players.

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Post Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:14 pm

Re: Pretitle

Revealing levels Implemented 12/8/15. If you would like to suggest additional changes to pretitle, please start a new topic.

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