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Additional Benefits?

... what is it good for?

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Post Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:10 pm

Additional Benefits?

I know there was an idea floating around awhile ago about giving tailors additional benefit (besides spending oodles of gold on something rarely asked for). The only one I remember, off the top of my head, was giving tailors the ability to restring items (within reason). Any other ideas.

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Post Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:51 am

Re: Additional Benefits?

I posted something very similar in the enchant thread about making enchant a tradeskill.

Change tailoring to allow a person to customize a piece of tailoring in OLC exactly like a builder does. Each level of fabric has a max level and max amount of points that can be spent. For an example:

Name: [fabrictype hat]
Area: [ ## ] Tailoring Extravaganza
Vnum: [ ####]
Type: [armor]
Level: [ 60 (default setting by the code and dependent on fabric being used)]
Wear flags: [take about]
Extra flags: [magic]
Material: [whatever it is that is the highest tailoring fabric]
Condition: [ 100]
Weight: [ 50]
Cost: [Set to default in the code]
Short desc: a hat made of whatever the highest tailoring fabric is
Long desc:
This hat is super spiffy and made of fabric that only high level tailors can work with.

[Int: 1] [Wis: 0] [Con: 0]
[Dex: 0] [Str: 0]
[Saves: -3] [AC: 0}
[Pierce: 14] [Bash: 14] [Slash: 14] [Magic: 5]
[Hit: 2] [Dam: 2]
[Hp: 40] [Mana: 0]

Points: 55 Allowed: 60 Legal: Yes

You would just fill in the blanks and the item could not be created unless that legal says yes. Now, I don't know how the logistics of this would work in regards to things like requiring a vnum to create this object. I think vnums are unlimited and it could be worked out by someone with more knowledge of the code.

Basically a tailor could build a custom set for a client. Died and all your equipment rotted? For a small fee I can help you get back into mob killing with some custom pieces. Can't find that piece that you need to hit xhp in stock items? Talk to a tailor.

Now, having to rebuild an item if you want to practice leveling up tailoring or just remake it can be a pain, so add the ability to create an item from a list (like the quest journal) much like imms have the load command. That means that unless you've already built the item yourself, you cannot load anything else.

I'm also leaning towards not allowing these items to be enchanted. They're already custom, no need to go in and change them again.

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Post Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:45 pm

Re: Additional Benefits?

A builder modifies a template that has to be loaded or reset into the game using OLC. To modify a unique instance of an object you are talking about restringing an object.

That said, why not allow a special mortal version of restring for long, short, and additions to the name field by a mortal? (Key detail here. The game would throw in an automatic name or two like CharNameTailored.) This way a player cannot just totally screw an object up to the point of having to manipulate it using 1. or 4. (which sucks.) I would also suggest equipment over level 50 should be imm only restrung as well.

I am not even going to begin to guess to understand how memory or any of the specifics of restrung objects works. But there may be perfectly logical reasons to limit the number of unique instances of objects in memory at a specific moment.
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Post Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:16 am

Re: Additional Benefits?

I was asked at one point what the possibilities are of adding in additional tailoring types/selections would be based on mprogs vs hard-coding, and with the addition of a tradeskill check (type and level), it would be fairly easy to do. The addition of trash items (simliar to how pelts/furs/skins drop in Han Daor/Red Sands) could be added to different areas in the game, and turned into to make new eq. Instead of a tradeskill becoming a larger goldsink, once the player hit max lvl in a tradeskill, it would become a timesink intstead - killing mobs similar to soul gem collecting to get special items to turn in.

Just as an example off the top of my head:

The horror could have a 20% chance to drop a 'tendril of darkness'
From Notus you would have to pick up 'The heart of Notus' (probably would need to be changed to a % drop vs 100)

These two items, when turned in, could make 'a crown of darkness' with good lvl 60 stats.

This could also be applied to baking and fletching.

Edit: This can be still done even without the coding addition of the tradeskill check, but would require an imm to flag a char once they hit max level.

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Post Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:29 am

Re: Additional Benefits?

Spidertown is on it. Love it, it would actually make tailoring seem more tangible, than just crafting satin shirts and whatnot. And it would result in people actually interacting with the game again.

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Post Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:35 pm

Re: Additional Benefits?

Thumbs up on the idea on the mprog interacted tailoring. I like that and it seems like if they added a tradecheck option in mprogs it could be quite nifty.

Heck, why not allow some baking with the same idea in mind? Basically instead of having to code new recipes a builder could just build new objects and put some mprog checks into the mix.


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Post Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:28 am

Re: Additional Benefits?

As it stands baking at least is /functional/ unlike tailoring, it just need blood food removed as everyone here seems to agree on.
Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like, your OPINION, man.

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Post Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:43 am

Re: Additional Benefits?

What if we could use items which are already used for mini quests i.e. Exp quests. as items for tailoring, each item would already has decent stats depending on their respective quest level. These stats could be applied into making master tailored goods.

I personally could see Hrob collecting pelts from haon dor and instead of returning them to Breac Furtracker, we could utilize them tailoring.

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