Post Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:30 am

Two-Handed weapons

Two-handers have needed some love for a while now. Even the best 2H couldn't compare
to a 1h + shield combination. The biggest factor in that is the way we allocate build points for 2H weapons:

2H weapons could have a maximum of 85 total points.
A level 60 1H weapon + shield = 135 points.

What we've done is raise that point value to about 105 at level 60. The reason it's 'about' is because we're calculating the points a little differently than the game does, but everything falls into a +/-3 pt range.


Now, I hope the draconian and ogre rangers out there enjoy this while it lasts, because one of the changes that will soon come along with this is that you'll no longer be able to dual wield two 2H weapons. The changes to the weapons themselves are by no means 100% permanent. We will be monitoring the player base to see if certain combinations are too powerful, and tweak accordingly.

Please get out there and hunt down some high-end two-handed weapons, and tell me what you think! If you find a level 51+ in the game that hasn't changed to these standards, please send a note to builder with information on the weapon so I can update it. I'll even give you a cookie!

Not sure where they are? If you've submitted a trainer quest to me in the game, you won't have to wonder - I'm going to provide you a link a list of weapons and their changes exclusively. Those of you who haven't submitted a trainer quest - don't fret. There's still slots I need to get filled before we can implement them. You can find the list in game under 'help trainerquest'. Anyone who submits one going forward will also be given a link to the list.