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Because you never know.

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It's not a bomb, it's a Battleball™! Grab a crystal shell, snag a possibly-sentient source of energy, charge it up and off you go! Battleballs are fun, deadly, ridiculous, and possibly tedious to make!

A battleball is a delicate little crystal ball containing a sparkling wisp. When imbued with spells, you can use them much like wands or staves, but they're different, and different is fun!

First, every aspiring Battleball Builder needs the all-important crystal shell, available at your local battleball retailer. Shells are available in small or large sizes, depending on if you want to throw them at someone, or spike them into the ground for a room-wide effect. The shell being very thin and delicate, it nevertheless is powerful enough to keep the strongest magics in, and out! Battleball shells cost a pretty penny, but once you own a few, you can start your adventure!

Step two involves finding a sparkling wisp. A lot like how master tailors need to go find ribbons from enemies, sparkling wisps roam the entire world, teleporting occasionally to mix things up. Wisps come in all sorts of exciting colors, determining not only what sort of battleball you can make (offense, defense, utility), but how powerful the battleball will be (weak, strong)! All you have to do is hold your battleball shell, give it a smack and see how it goes! Depending on how good of a Battleball Builder you already are, you might slip up, or the catching won't take. If either of these happen, you may have a broken shell on your hands. Otherwise, you just caught a sparkling wisp! Rumor has it the ultra-rare golden wisp, aside from being usable in any way you like, can allow for special powers only usable in battleballs!

Now, the fun part! Deciding what spell or effect your filled battleball can have! The shell chosen and the wisp caught determines your final product. Do you want your very own, single-use, Expensive Battleball Imitation of Gas Breath? Fill a large battleball with a strong offensive wisp and let it fly! Keep a handful of a small battleballs with the vulnerability of your hated foe! Smash battleballs into your own face to heal yourself (how does that work)! Make a hot spring, sanctuary everyone around you, poison your enemy/weapon/yourself, try to magically charm an entire room, give your friend magic ward if they want it or not, the possibilities are entirely WITH an end when you play with Battleballs! Be careful, though, inexperienced Battleball Builders may break their almost-complete toy at this step, and it's always a draining, exhausting process. Free apple juice and cookies will be available to perk you back up!

Combat not your cup of tea? Occasionally, we here at Battleball Enterprises make a little "oopsie" when fashioning the shell. We don't call them defects, we call them fun! Cracked battleballs aren't good for catching wisps, but are great for putting on an ASCII light show to amuse and delight your friends! Pick from our catalog of pyrotechnics and we'll help you fill one up with your own little show! An inexpensive, simple way to learn the basics of Battleball Building!

(Battleball Enterprises is not responsible for breaking of shells through negligence, incompetence, or tumbling over from being bashed, tripped, or otherwise knocked to the ground. Battleball Enterprises claims no liability from injury, death, cacophonic chain-reaction of magical explosions, or unintentional hilarity from improperly breaking battleball shells. Use with caution. Not recommended for children twelve or under or teenagers fourteen or over, it is also not safe for thirteen year olds. Do not question moral implications of the Official Battleball Building Process. Everything is fine. Nothing is behind the curtain. Continue having fun.)

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Re: Battleballs

Posting here to make note of this idea. I can't promise battleball, but I love the wisp idea.

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