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New Monk Mechanic: Combos

Fists of fury.

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Joined: Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:03 pm

Post Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:55 pm

New Monk Mechanic: Combos

Monks need buffs, I think that's the consensus. So here's my idea for monk improvement while also giving them a somewhat distinct gameplay mechanic that will differ them from other melee classes. A combo system! Either through consecutive use of a single ability/skill or a combination of 2-3 abilities/skills, the monks damage ramps up or gain new utility as they continue to chain their combo. Here's some examples with abilities they already have:

Buddha palm(or whatever its called now) combo. Each consecutive use of Buddha palm adds an extra strike. Chained up to 3 times. So first buddha palm will hit 1x with a chance to trigger an extra strike like how it is currently. The second buddha palm will hit 2x with a chance to trigger an extra strike, the third consecutive buddha palm will hit 3x with a chance to trigger an extra strike

Crane kick combo. Kick, kick, crane kick. First kick works like normal, second kick does slightly more damage, when followed up by a crane kick, crane kick will drain moves and mana and will only incur a 1 round lag. (Unlike the 1.5 or so round lag it usually has).

Vital strike combo. Kick, budda palm, vital strike. Both kick and buddha palm works like normal when used after each other but when followed by a vital strike, vital strike will do slightly more damage randomly either cause a DoT comparable to necro's atrophy (think of it as internal bleeding or something lol) or cause a random malediction effect for 1 tick (vital organ is struck and damaged! ouch!)

Add new abilities to string new combos or use monks existing kit! Throw out combo suggestions of your own. Whatever! This is just to give an idea of a mechanic for monks to work with that will make their class more unique.

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Post Fri Dec 12, 2014 5:05 pm

Re: New Monk Mechanic: Combos

I really like the idea. And since monks have many 'martial skills' (at least 4), they have room for various combinations.

It would also make monks fighting a lot more active and unpredictable: monk kicked me, then used palm, he'll either finish the combo with X, doing this, or Y, doing that. Maybe I should attempt interrupting his combo instead...that's the sort of stuff that would greatly improve the game. Looking at your target spamming 'noselacri' (that's the blind one, right?) is boring as hell.

While slightly complicated to implement, that's the sort of mechanics that would allow classes to be truly different from one another.

...and why stop at monks? Other classes could use similar mechanics:

Necromancers DoTs could have additional effects based on which affect the victim:
- Target is affected by Decay and Atrophy? There is a chance he'll lose a limb every tick (free wither limb cast)
- Target is affected by Blister and Atrophy? Target loses double the amount of moves per action (sort of like terror)
- Lifetap deals increased damage based on each DoT spell the opponent is affected by.

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Post Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:34 pm

Re: New Monk Mechanic: Combos

Buddha palm which is a silly name is now called burning palm I think. And its a decent spell now, as it has the % to flashfire eq and items not flagged burnproof.

But yes, I do agree the poor monks need some loving and need to be on par with the other fighter types.

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Post Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:39 pm

Re: New Monk Mechanic: Combos

From a mud I used to play, which actually posed the monk class as a 'shou-lin' model, they had various skills associated with the whole 'martial art' thing. one was fist of fury, which essentially made their hits strike harder and faster as they grew in level. However, the class prided itself on not using any form of weapons, even hand to hand, so I can understand the mud's reasons for implementing such a skill.

But from a DR point of view, what if the monks did have a skill like fists of fury (could call it divine fury) which gave an increase to critical strike, and if a successful strike does occur, the monk shoots off a random skill/spell, such as vital strike, burning palm, crane kick with no cost.
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Post Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:44 pm

Re: New Monk Mechanic: Combos

I like the idea of a combo system, although instead of specific set-of-three-move combos you put in, have the skills interact with each other in certain ways. Then players can configure or improvise combos for their style or needs. So, kick can only "combo into" some other abilities, which are only allowed to combo into other things, and only a certain sequence of two leads into a "finishing blow" that's extra strong. Don't follow the rules, combo's flopped and you have to restart it to get the powerful finishing blow. The net result being a degree of freeforming your combo based on what you're wanting: maybe something kick heavy when they're at low health or against mages work crane kicks and buddha palms into a strong enhanced-armthrow finisher.

If that makes any sense at all.

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Joined: Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:03 pm

Post Sat Dec 13, 2014 5:10 am

Re: New Monk Mechanic: Combos

Yeah, Landskecht, I thought about a few different ways on how to go about the combo mechanic and just decided to post something simple and not overly complicated but your idea is awesome too. Just wanted to throw out sort of a basis of a combo system/gameplay, get some feedback from others and see where it goes from there.

Another sorta slightly different combo I thought about was something like... you have combo starters and combo finishers. You must chain 2 (or more, I just go by a default of 3 moves. 2x combo starter into 1x combo finisher) combo starters together in sequence and then you're allowed to use a combo finisher. Depending on the sequence of the 2 combo starters, your finisher will have different effects. I think that is basically your idea on the combo mechanic, right Landskecht?

So say for example: burning palm and kick are combo starters and we'll make up 2 random combo finishers...uh... burning uppercut and dragon kick are combo finishers.

A sequence of burning palm -> burning palm -> burning uppercut will give the finishing move(burning uppercut in this case) a DoT,

A sequence of burning palm -> kick -> burning uppercut will give the finishing move...uh...will 40 moves.

A sequence of kick -> burning palm -> burning uppercut will maybe stun the opponent for 1 round.

A sequence of kick -> kick -> dragon kick will make the finishing move (dragon kick) hit two times

A sequence of burning palm -> burning palm -> dragon kick will apply a malediction(I know, kinda random lol)

And so on. Just with 2 combo finishers and 2 combo starters, you can add a lot of versatility and unique kinda combos.

Also a friend I talk to about this asked "How will you keep track of your combos?" Simple, just add it in the prompt like:

<O-O-O> - No combo started
<P-O-O> - combo started with burning palm
<P-K-O> - combo started with burning palm and kick
<COMBO!> - this is just something I thought was funny but once you hit your combo finisher, the prompt would flash "COMBO!" for a round lol.

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