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Tentative Patch Notes

Jenga! Jenga!

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Post Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:03 pm

Tentative Patch Notes

This is the current to-do list.

Correct known bugs:

Templar don’t get Celestial Spear on creation
Warpstone (Espy clan spell) cannot be set on mortals

Minor Fixes

Typing “pet” will be locked to the social, not the petition command.

Pmote will identify a target by their current shift state (long description), and not name if a player is half or full shifted.

Look will be given the full function of examine. Both commands will look at and in an object (making the game far more newbie friendly).

Larger Changes

Tweak hide to give you some sort of an indication to success or failure and not make checking affects break hide itself.

Waterbolt (Mage) will have a conditional damnoun change. If the target is a mob, it will hit as water damage, if the target is a player, it will hit for magic. The AC debuff hits independently of the damnoun.

Class Nuke Spells (Ravage, Deathstong, Natures Wrath, Mind Blast, etc) will be available at level 1 and scale to 50 like the lifetap spell does. Mana costs will likely also be standardized (expect a discussion thread for a rate). This change will allow classes with minor spells to get a larger debuffing kit in a later patch (more on that later).

Impervious Flag - Overrides Rotdeath/Questrot

Story Board

The final form of this depends 100% on how it can be coded (it’s not a pleasent section of code to work in). The intent is to allow histories to be sorted in a meaningful way, with in a separate noteboard or with flags on the history board, so that stories that impact the gamewide story arc can be made more visible. Currently there’s thousands of histories that cloud stories that may or may not become relevant now or at a later time.

Attribute Cap System v1.0

As discussed before, the maximum value for any stat will be capped (should be at 31). This includes all gear, buffs etc that can impact an attribute.
-Players must be at their class/race max stat values in order to avoid penalties related to the size of the deficiency in a given attribute category
-Penalties will be broken down into 2 tiers to start:
Being [-1 or -2] under your maxstat is a tier 1 debuff
Being -3 or below your maxstat is a tier 2 debuff
    Str - Tier 1: -5% Melee Damage Tier 2: -10% Melee Damage
    Dex - Tier 1: -5% to Dodge, Tier 2: -10% to Dodge
    Int - Tier 1: 5% Spell Failure, Tier 2:: 10% Spell Failure (Includes all spells)
    Wis - Tier 1: +5% Magic Damage Taken, Tier 2: +10% Magic Damage Taken
      This includes both damage from spells and weapons with a magic damnoun
    Con - Tier 1: -20% HP/Move regen, Tier 2: -40% HP/Move Regen*
There will likely be some changes in the score screen to reflect attributes as well.

*Note: May seem excessively large, but when you consider that all rounding gets lost, so at 10% you lose 1 hp per 10 regenerated. The intent of this slot was initially a poison/plague vulnerability, but we decided to be more direct and give the actual ‘intended’ penalty. Ultimately, this should give a player fewer debuffs to have to deal with (as the negative to regen rates will already imply you’ve been hit with debuffs already).

There is room to expand this system to a third tier, but we want to start to get these values into production to see how it all plays out. Results will be evaluated and values may be changed in the future as we see how combat changes.

Our stated goal has always been to increase the speed of PK by giving players more options and tactics to employ in PK. The next step in this process will be starting to overhaul more class spells and skills (as well as implementing some new abilities) to allow a wide array of attribute debuffs to gain advantages in a fight.

Due to the above change, weaken will receive a nerf and only hit for -5, instead of -10.

Parry may or may not make this patch, it’s being worked on but it’s complicated reconciling what’s been discussed and coding it in.

As always, patch notes are subject to change when Kes begins implementation.

Comments? Let us know here!
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Post Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:51 pm

Re: Tentative Patch Notes

* Build
- Newbie School (Groth)
- Gear (Dijj)
- Mahn-Tor (Saitrev)
- Daycare (Jitarn)
- Midenair (Groth)
- Lagoon (All)
- SEKRET (All)
- Frost Village (standby)
- Arinock (standby)

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