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Stat caps

Approved ideas in progress for implementation.

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Post Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:23 am

Re: Stat caps

My builder two cents: Hard caps yesterday, please.

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Post Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:34 am

Re: Stat caps

I talked to some people before about this and I assumed I posted it here already but I guess not.

I had a similar-ish idea to Minox's idea but slightly tweaked. Here goes:

Remove the hard cap on attributes and make it a soft cap. After passing the soft cap, each attribute you gain from equipment is valued at 1/5 (or how ever much the staff wants it to be). To give an example, lets take a kine warrior cause thats one of the race/class hard cap combo's cap I remember, heh. Anyways currently a kine warrior will have 25 str and 24 dex as their max cause str primary and dex secondary. Once the kine warrior reaches 25 str, strength gained from equipment will hit harsh diminishing returns and be valued less BUT it will allow you to go over your cap. So if this kine warrior has equipment totally 30 strength from equipment, with my idea he will end up with 26 strength in his/her score sheet - 25 str to hit the soft cap then 5 str left after reaching the soft cap will add up to 1 str. With this idea, I think it will deter players from "overcapping" an attribute but will still allow it to be an option for the player albeit in a severely reduced form. I think that is especially important - giving players options instead of restrictions. I don't find the concept of "overcapping" bad but, on its current form on DR, it is.

With this idea, there may or may not be some side consequences/results:

-I believe this might make using trains on attributes a viable option. It'd make soft capping easier and allows you stack a bit more of an attribute that perhaps is integral to some spells/skills you use often. If your skill or spell hit a bit harder the more X attribute you have, wouldn't a trade off of 20 mana and 20 hp sound reasonable? Maybe, maybe not.

-I think this would greatly increase the value of spells such as giant str/enhanced str and at the same time also increase the value of spells that reduce attributes. Example: you land weaken on a 26 str kine warrior and it drops them down to 16 str. Really though, you just cut 14 strength from the kine warrior (26 str to 25 = 5 str taken, 25 str to 16 str = 9 str taken). And the more your opponent stacks, the stronger weaken becomes.

-I had a 3rd point but I totally forgot it.

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Post Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:02 am

Re: Stat caps

^ That's a good idea. Would probably require a "retrain" option for level 50 but I believe that feature is already needed.

Minox wrote:Some thoughts here on Stat caps:
* Max Stat affects (HARD cap at 27-31, per stat)

* Having stats maxed (These affects would occur at your CHAR's maxstat, not at 27)
- Strength (10% melee damage increase)
- Dexterity (20% increased move regen)
- Intelligence (If not maxed, 10% spell failure)
- Wisdom (10% increased resistance to dispel, chaotic, inquisition)
- Constitution (20% resistance to disease)

Additionally, we are looking at making these stats more instrumental in how spells and skills work, but we're not there yet on how to go about it. (Example: Str/Dex/Con checks for trip/bash/disarm, Int/Wis checks for spells)
Why the numbers can't be based on player's current attributes?

The way you presented, a kine warrior and a werekin warrior would have the same bonuses with maxed attributes. If it was based on their own attributes (like 1% per point above 20, -1% per point below 20), then the werekin warrior would have higher bonuses from STR and DEX but less from INT and WIS....plus effects that affect the attributes wouldn't have such a direct impact on them. There's a difference between losing the all WIS bonus from getting to 1 below MAX WIS and losing only a portion of it.

Some ideas for stat bonuses:
○ STR (already good):
- Already affects max weight carried
- Already affects weapon's wielded (weight)
- Already boosts melee damage through Damroll and Hitroll
- Could affect skills checks related to might (say 5% bonus to pushing/dragging and pushing/dragging resistance for every point above 20)

○ DEX (already good):
- Already affects max items carried
- Already boosts defense through Armor Class
- Could affect skill checks related to balance (say 5% bonus to knockdown resistance for every point above 20)

○ INT:
- Already affects mana regeneration (guessing, I know INT or WIS do affect it)
- Could affect the potency of skill/spell's with numeric effects (say [spell's numeric value] * 5% for every point above 20)
--- Example: say someone with 27 INT casts 'armor' + 'shield' + 'stone skin': (20 + 20 + 40) * (1 + 5% * 7) = 108 AC, which is an extra 28 AC.
--- Example: the same character casts a 'curse' spell: -6 (saves) * 1.35 = -8 saves, which is quite good.

○ WIS:
- Already affects mana regeneration (guessing, I know INT or WIS do affect it)
- Could affect the duration of skills and spells (say [effect's duration] * 5% for every point above 20)
--- Example: a character with 27 WIS casts 'sanctuary', its duration is increased from 8 to 10 hours (10.8 rounded down).

○ CON:
- Already affects health regeneration
- Could affect the potency of all direct hp/moves healing effects on the player (something like [heal's value] * 5% for every point above 20)
--- Example: a character with 27 CONST is healed by a 'heal' spell, instead of being healed 100 hp, he is healed 135 hp.
--- Example: a character with 27 CONST is healed by a 'refresh' spell, instead of being healed 50 moves, he is healed 67 moves.

With the exception of STR and DEX, which already are quite noticeable (weight, items, HR/DR and AC), all of them would have really noticeable bonuses. Players would be able to see the effects of having more INT/WIS on their affects and having more CONST while healing.

Just so that it becomes -even more meaningful- and attribute debuffs become a thing. There could also be penalties under certain threshold.

The threshold could be as follows:
[21 to 27] : bonuses for every point above 20
[15 to 20] : safe zone, no bonuses or penalties
[03 to 15] : penalties for every point below 15

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Post Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:42 pm

Re: Stat caps

You've hit the nail on the head with your last point: increasing the value of spells that players already have (malas, giant strength, adren rush, etc)


On your example of the werekin vs kine warrior: The reasoning is that not having your character at full maxstat would penalize you in some way, regardless of the race/class combo you have chosen. As you've pointed out, having a higher overall number does already affect a character in a number of ways that you have listed.

Adding additional divides for people to only play certain race/class combos for a particular benefit is the opposite of the goal here.

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Post Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:23 pm

Re: Stat caps

Stat Overcapping - Final

Hard cap of 31 for all stats.

* Having stats maxed (These effects would occur at an individual CHAR's maxstat, not at 27)
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