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Enchant Weapon

We got talking a bit about enchant weapon over the weekend and should have everything hashed out with Kes today.

SO, how's it work?

Similar to many things in the game (spells that check saves, etc), there's always a 5% chance for enchanting to always work, and a 5% chance for it always to fail.

From there, it breaks down into a failure based formula:

25% Base Rate + 25% for every affect + (2% * (Hitroll * Hitroll)) + (2% * (Damroll * Damroll)) - 5% Glowing - 15% Bless - (3% * (Caster Level / 2))

Lets take a Crystal Mace as an example here (as this is what we were talking about over the weekend) - I'll make notes.

Object 'platinum mace crystal shards' is type weapon, extra flags magic nodrop bless (-15%).
Weight is 15, value is 30000, level is 45. (Object level doesn't matter, only caster)
Weapon is a mace and does shock (lightning) damage (Irrelevant).
Damage is 9d6 (average 31) (Irrelevant).
Special weapons attributes: vorpal (Irrelevant)
Affects mana by 10. (+25% to fail)
Affects saves by -2. (+25% to fail)
Affects wisdom by 2. (+25% to fail)
Affects hit roll by 7. (+2% * (7 * 7)) or +98% chance to fail)
Affects damage roll by 6. (+2% * (6 * 6)) or + 72% chance to fail)

Now, to plug this into the formula:

25% Base + 25% Mana + 25% Saves + 25% Wis + 98% Hit + 72% Dam - 15% Bless - 75% Caster Level = 180% chance to fail

Ergo, Nadijara had issues enchanting this mace because it has the minimum 5% success rate, max. A double enchanted mace has a 0.25% chance of existing. This also explains why an object is much easier to enchant after it fades.

There are additional dealings with what causes a weapon to explode / fade etc, and most of it is irrelevant to a player. Suffice it to say, the worse your enchanting failure rate, the higher the likelihood your item won't survive the process.

    Sharp and Vorpal flags don't mean anything here. Only stats that are listed as "Affects (stat) by #" add 25% to the fail rate.

    The stat listed for 'level' at the end of the formula is the CASTER level. This would mean that a normal mage at level 50 uses 50 as their base value. A vampiric mage using focus would use 55.

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