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Admin Update: 1/31/16

Jenga! Jenga!

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Post Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:26 pm

Admin Update: 1/31/16

I am bringing it down to the wire, but I promised we would give you all an
update on the vision, direction, and forward progress we are hoping to
implement here, so here it is.

Why here? One, this is abysmally long. Two, that the players who take the time
to read and contribute here are the ones most interested in improving the game.
I'm sure there are some lurkers who read and do not post... if you can't be
bothered, then we can't be bothered to worry about your feedback after things
are changed and go in and then you don't like them.

Sorry for the odd formatting, this was originally designed for a note.

- Coding -

We were hoping to be able to announce a new set of vetted changes, but creation
is taking longer to debug than we had anticipated. Once creation is completed,
this is where we are going to focus next:

* Fixing maxstat and implementing benefits for all classes in keeping stats
maxed at 50
(on forums now)

* Global events: Triggering things to occur via imm-command or world bosses
(on forums now)
- Double XP
- 100% soul gem rates
- Increased gold drop
- Increased tradeskill gains

* Rebooting Brawler
Kesavaram did not design or implement the brawler system, so we are currently
trying to figure out how to reset the board/remove people from Brawler
without causing the 30 day wait period. We have not decided yet how we want
to have Brawler work going forward. We will provide an update on the forums
once we have the back-end questions answered.

* Additional Class/Spell/Skill changes
The admin team is monitoring the ideas that have been provided on the forums.
Some of those ideas have already had responses, some we are still working on.

- Game Plans -

With player activity remaining as low as it is, developing RP has moved more
slowly than we would like it to. We realize that this is a self-perpetuating
problem: low player activity means less is going on, less going on means low
player activity.

* Playerbase
Once creation is 100% in, we're going to start a new-player drive by focusing
on MUD sites/forums as well as some online DnD and short-story fantasy groups.
Without players we cannot play, and all of these changes are for nothing.
This is our #1 priority. Old players are always welcome, but judging on the
past years log of people who say they want to play vs. actually only log on
to see who is around, talk in ooc, and check notes, they are not who we want
to specifically recruit.

* Vampires
This is always the first question most people have asked about. Yes, vampires
are going to continue to be a part of Rhia's world. Right now, there's
not enough players to support them. When they do come around, they will be
a new brood with next to no ties with the traditional vampire RP that has
been blown up/destroyed/torn apart in recent years. Lilith is dead, Kiyanne
is a weakling that got thrown out of Arinock by a Dawning, and for all that
our staff is concerned, Kiyesh should have never even happened. Instead of
continuing (and failing) to turn this mess into something usable and still
true to the historical world of our vampires, it is far easier and long
overdue that we step out of the Whitewolf shadow to begin our own vampire

* Weres
Were (and vampire) abilities are going to see some changes, most likely
nerfs in the future. Having just watched one player recreate over 30 times
this month to get a were just serves as a reminder that what should be an
interesting RP life-event change for your character has become too much of
a priority for players to achieve. The depth of those changes is not
something we have made any hard decisions on at this time, but will center
around making weres more RP-friendly and less PK-friendly.

* PK
Next to vampires, the second-most question I've been asked is if I'm an RP'er
or a PK'er. The fact that is even a question is somewhat disheartening - we
are all RP'ers when we log into this game, because RP is required at all
times. PK has never been a requirement to play, and that's not going to

To continue down that rabbit-hole a little, I have found it very
interesting that most people who identify themselves as PK'ers are some of
the least active in the game in the last year. Our most active PK'er would
be considered a solid "RP'er". After an IMP who defined himself as a hard
core PK'er was challenged to start PK'ing more to test psionicists, this
player also challenged him/herself to PK more. The last time I looked,
the RP'er had 10 bouts vs the PK'ers 0, and the IMP had the privilege of
creating/advancing/gearing a char for the express purpose of testing, while
the RP'er had to work with what he/she had.

Getting back on track - PK is not something we want to remove from the game.
We are fully aware that changes already implemented as well as changes we
hope to implement are going to change PK drastically, and that's why murder
and loot are removed currently. It is not our intention to keep it gone
forever - but it will stay disabled until those changes are made and
thoroughly tested. We cannot thoroughly test them if people are not
PKing - another vicious cycle that cannot change without player involvement.

The long-term goals for PK are:
* Make PK bouts take less time
* Make PK more friendly for non-PK'ers to learn and become involved in
* Make PK loss have consequences and repercussions beyond just gear loss
* Make PK wins have rewards and benefits beyond gear gain

How are we going to get there? It's a complicated problem that will not
ever have a simple, one-step solution. Every time a change is made, it has
a direct effect to PK - something that has long prevented any meaningful
changes from happening because of the dreaded PK effect. Right now in this
game environment PK is not a high priority, as determined by our active
players and the next to non-existent brawler/drill participation we've seen
over the last year.

* Guild and Clans
Our long-term goal, which has been shared by several of the last admin teams,
is to make guilds mort-run. On guilds specifically, the lack of participation
continues to push some guilds closer to the chopping block. It is not the
desire of the staff to remove these guilds, it is a course of action based on
you, the players, lack of interest in playing these guild roles. We are also
not opposed to bringing old guilds back - again, you the players are
dictating this more than we are.

Inferno members, for example, were given the opportunity to create a clan. At
the time, the thought on staff was that if the players really were
interested, that clan over time could develop back into Inferno. The RP was
already there: The Flame abandoned Inferno because they were not worthy, but
that didn't mean that the Flame could not find a worthy vessel and group to
relight the Flame.

The same thing goes for Covenance - a clan was created, but the inability of
its members to do the basic things to maintain clan status quickly dictated
that those players were not able, willing, or interested in progressing.

Clans are entirely mort-led: the concept, implementation, and progress is
entirely up to you. Zhasstin is there to let you know what you can and can't
do, and to help with the back-end processes (creating and giving out clan eq,
helping with quest arcs to receive additional clan benefits, etc). There are
very few limits to what is not allowed, but let me say this: If it involves
breaking rules, coding (past a clan spell), or crazy global changes, we're
going to say no. Past that, we're going to say yes or yes within set
conditions. For example, Ordo has been granted the ability to roll out some
lower-level spell changes as they are designed, vetted, and implemented. Why?
Because they asked. It's not their sole purpose, as it leaves them twiddling
their thumbs until we get those changes made, but it's a huge boon to their
RP because they're willing to work to make it happen.

* Upcoming RP
* Arcaenum and Crimson Rain will continue their loose alliance to dig deeper
into the mysterious cultists, their origins, and the strange powers they
seem to possess. This is our largest RP-line currently, and will be the
catalyst for the return of vampires, old guilds in new forms, a new 'land'
and nationality of people (the very long-term goal is to see this realized
in game via building and coding in a new race, but that is not anything we
will be rushing into.)

* Dawning will continue to seek to find a balance between the Avatar
Zephyrine's declaration to the protection of Arinock and how to maintain
neutrality and peaceful relations with the rest of Rhia - made more
complicated by the variety of overseas foreigners that will begin to show
up in Rhia and the lack of activity in their own ranks.

* Gypsy's IMM is working to rework their internal structure and move forward
on making the guild mortal-run... if the Romany ever come home.

* Espy's discovery of the corpses in the southern seas will lead to new
discoveries and new dangers to the good people of Rhia.

* Ordo is still getting its feet wet. If they can hone their grand ambitions,
they may find themselves the new pinnacle for Coalition - bettering the
world around them.

* Several one-off ideas are in the works related to nuking some old, unused
areas. Dijj to update more.

* Pbase permitting, a return of the Avatar of Syrin and lichnee involvement
in some unusual ways with our strangers across the sea.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, non-flaming critique, please
post it here and I'll respond.

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Post Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:50 pm

Re: Admin Update: 1/31/16

I’ve got a couple pieces here and there that I’d like to chime in myself for this update. Minox has covered a TON of information, so I don’t have too much to add, but I wanted to touch on three points.

    1. Recruitment - I’ve got a list of places written out where I plan on advertising once the creation bugs are fixed. More so, there’s a number of threads that crop up on a place like reddit.com/r/mud where there’s MUD players looking for new places to try. In addition to there, there’s other communities on reddit such as r/LFG (for online D&D and other RPG players to find groups), r/LowEndGaming (a retro, old game subreddit), r/RPG (may be a bit broad, but could be worth a test case) and r/FindAGame (similar to r/LFG). In addition to these places, there’s also the TMC Promotion Forums as well as the Top Mud Site forums where we can also post. Once I get a little speel written to be able to reply to looking for a game threads, and our general recruitment posts, I’ll let people know.

    2. Scheduling - As of right now, it’s looking like a majority of our actual RP will be taking place on Monday and Tuesdays as that’s the night that more of our players can make. Major events will take place on these nights, though other RP can and will go on as players are around. I’d like to take this time to implore any of you who haven’t gotten us your schedule to let a member of the staff know so we can work to accommodate you as best as we can.

    3. Ideas on the forums - For the time being, most of the near term development will be focused around fixing the way basic functions work (ie. avoidance), and spell / skill enhancement. We’ll happily discuss other larger topics like tradeskills, but those are a huge amount of work code and development wise, and I think Kes’s time could be better spent on many other things.

As with what Minox said above, please leave us your feedback, as you folks are what make Dark Risings, and will play a vital role as we start to grow.
Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like, your OPINION, man.

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Post Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:20 am

Re: Admin Update: 1/31/16

Leave brawlers as is...But make a new guild called [Scoundrel]
They would effectively be the main brawlers, and get their own guild pride item and guild spell etc.

brawlers can still function as is, which is a hidden society which joins the hidden scoundrel society.

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Joined: Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:14 pm

Post Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:29 am

Re: Admin Update: 1/31/16

I also spoke with Vaemon yesterday, and said I'm willing to do a DR comic series, one panel per week. Check out character artwork for first panel.

Can use it as propaganda if need be.

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