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Spell idea: Divine Intervention

Still cooler than Zan.

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Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:20 am

Spell idea: Divine Intervention

Yeah, I'm really bored at work so I'm just posting crazy class ideas on forums lol

Name: Divine Intervention

Mechanic: Cleric spell that does something different depending on which deity the cleric worships. They will all be very long cooldowns, maybe a couple days in game time (how many ticks is that? Like 60+?) as the effects are fairly strong and rp-wise its kinda weird if the deities keep intervening on our mortal squabbles. They will be in a form of buff or debuff with a 1 tick timer that may or may not have an affect, after the affect expires something happens too! This is essentially 3 different spells all sharing the same name. Here goes:

Divine Intervention Rhia: This affect will be put on the cleric him/herself. Lasts 1 tick. When this affect expire, the cleric is healed for a large amount (100-300 maybe?) and 1-3 random buffs are put on the cleric. These buffs can be anything from ordain to mirror images to sanc to whatever! But here's the real kicker: If are KO'd or killed while you still have the divine intervention buff, instead of getting knocked out or dying you instantly get healed 30% of your health. The divine intervention buff gets removed and you don't get the heal and buffs at the end but least you didn't die/get KO'd!

Divine Intervention Syrin: This is a targeted spell, the cleric puts this on his/her target. Lasts 1 tick. When this affect expire, it converts 2-4 beneficial buffs into not so beneficial ones. The beneficial buffs can be turned into anything from maledictions to psi debuffs to necro DoTs/harm touch to disease/poison. RP-wise, I guess Syrin would corrupt the good magicz and make them bad magicz! Does a moderate amount of damage for each beneficial buffs converted.

Divine Intervention Tyrin: This is a targeted spell, the cleric puts this on his/her target. Lasts 1 tick. While the target is affected by Divine Intervention, he draws Tyrins ire for messing with one of his worshipers. Anytime the cleric damages the target, Tyrin will smite at the target as well. Possibly do half the damage of a normal cleric smite with a recharge time similar to vorpal weapon procs. When the affect expires, Tyrin brings his fury down on the target causing consecutive (2-3) low powered smites that bypass sanc/magic ward because YOU DONT MESS WITH TYRIN'S BOYZ!

Might be some discrepancies as to how powerful the are compared to each other. Like compared the Tyrin one to the other 2, it looks like Tyrin's is a bit advantageous in a PvE/mob hunting situation while the Syrin one might be really good for PK. Also for the Syrin version, it probably should be weighted a bit to less likely convert beneficial buffs to maledictions. Instantly putting blind, curse, slow on someone seems overkill lol.

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Post Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:01 am

Re: Spell idea: Divine Intervention

I think the general idea could lead to some fun interactions. There's alot of PvE and PvP potential in how they could work and it's nice deity based flavor.
Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like, your OPINION, man.

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