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Warrior skill buffs and new skills ideas

The red-headed stepchild of barbarians.

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Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:43 am

Warrior skill buffs and new skills ideas

More random posting by me, tis a really slow day at work lol. Gee, I'm spamming these forums aren't I? Well lets go to it. First Some changes to current warrior skills.

Name: whirlwind

Buffs/changes/comments: Okay, the new whirlwind for warriors suck imo. It constantly misses and hardly lands. Before at least it did pitiful damage which is at least useful for clearing mirrors while you had a chance to knock the target down. Some changes I think would be good for it would be to revert it back to how it was before where it does damage and has chance to knock down the target. Also would be nice if you could tag with it. The damage on it should be increases too imo. Increased damage to make it similar to kick. I mean, you're a warrior whirling around with a dangerous weapon but you do like 5-10 damage?!

Name: Battle focus

Buffs/changes/comments: I think a additional combat buff would be a nice boost to battle focus, especially with the move/mana cost of it. Something like, when battle focus is used in combat, for the next 1-2 rounds the warrior's attacks ignore parry/shield block/dodges. Its a little burst damage window for them and gives the player a decision on when they should use battle focus instead of constantly just rebuffing it when it falls off.

Now for some new skills!

Name: Opportunistic strike

Mechanic: This will work as a debuff on the target. It should last 1 tick and ideally be fairly easy to apply on the target. If the target tries to flee while he/she has the opportunistic strike debuff on them, the warrior will strike at the target for a fairly large amount of damage causing the target to fail his/her flee and incur a half round or 1 round lag. Getting struck by the warrior's opportunistic strike will clear the debuff from the target. There should also be a 1 or 2 tick cooldown for this skill as to prevent the warrior from stun locking the target from fleeing.

Name: Precision Strike

Mechanic: Can only be used during the 1-2 rounds after battle focus when the warrior ignores parry/dodge/shield blocks. The warrior, having his/her utmost focus on his/her target, can strike at the target bypassing all defenses dealing massive damage. This attack ignores sanctuary and magic ward. A 1 tick cooldown could be put in place as not to let the warrior use it twice during that 1-2 round after battle focus though maybe it should be allowed since this attack can only be used only on the 1-2 rounds after battle focus lol. That or create a mechanic or skill for warriors that might consume the battle focus buff. This adds to the burst window of battle focus from my idea above.

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Post Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:22 am

Re: Warrior skill buffs and new skills ideas

Whirlwind needs a complete rework, including barbarian's. It is one of the most iconic melee skills in RPGs and it's pretty bad.

When I think of whirlwind, I think of striking enemies multiple times per rotation and being mobile while doing so.
Now combat in DR is pretty static but there is one thing that implies high tempo/mobility: casting times.

So my suggestion for a whirlwind rework is:
- No knockdown chance (barbarians have bash, warriors have bash AND trip)
- Targetted skill (like kick or trip)
- Casting speed at elemental levels (2/2/3 over 3 rounds?)
- Damage range somewhat like kick
- 5 moves cost per cast

IMO this fulfills the fantasy behind a whirlwing fighter and has the benefits of:
- Improving fighter's tagging, which relies mostly around trip/bash
- Granting fighters a way of getting rid of mirrors, because casters will always spam them
- Giving importance to moves


Battle Focus is in a pretty good spot now that AC matters.


As long as sucessfully landing opportunistic strike grants a 2 round lag like dirt kicking. It would allow some sort of counter play.


Consuming battle focus would be more balanced, as long as BF's cooldown continues regardless of the warrior consuming it at the last tick or first tick of the buff. Otherwise warriors would just do battle focus (and heal 100 hp), consume, battle focus, consume... :P

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