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[557] Dijj: Outfit: tell helios outfit
Mon Nov 9 00:25:01 2015
To: all


If you are 1) a level 50 player or 2) you have killed the diploma mob,
effective starting the date of this change: telling Helios 'outfit' will
result in Helios giving you a full set of newbie school gear.

You must be standing at recall for this to work.

If you are a player that cannot enter the newbie school but have not reached
level 50 - sorry, this won't work for you until you reach 50.



I wanted to post a 'why' on this:

With the updated to mudconnector and other mud sites, we've seen some newbies coming in that
disconnect or log as soon as they die. They log back in a few days later to no corpse, and can't
get back into the newbie school.

Same with some older level 50's coming back - they tossed their gear when they left, and now have
nothing. This provides a simple basic outfit.