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Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

wtb Beholders.

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Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:35 am

Re: Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

I think orcs have infravision. Lichnee have detects.

Werekin should have a small % chance every evening to fury. Channel their inner animal as the moon rises cause this is THRILLER! THRILLER NIGHT! And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike!

Dwarves should get infravision, being underground all the damn time.

Sylvans being the light footed bastards they are should get a free sneak/hide regardless of class.

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Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:18 am

Re: Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

Right, but infravision is... pretty bad. It's part of the reason I didn't even include it as a benefit.

I'm talking *new* skills/traits to give races, not picking through our already limited and lackluster selection of things to pin onto a character.
Yeah? Well, you know, that's just like, your OPINION, man.
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Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:54 am

Re: Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

to whom it may best apply:

'headwrecker' - hear the 'tells' and 'group chats' of anyone in the room with you. Don't know who they're saying it to, but you hear the content that the person in the room with you says. Doesn't apply to otells.

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Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:59 am

Re: Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

Kine should have an ability related to human adaptability, or at least something that doesn't make them boring. even the shitty generic mario average race should have something cool and interesting to it beyond "is boring and shitty and average in every way"

note just because i have them grouped up like this doesn't mean all of them need to be lumped in as one megabuff or whatever. treat each little - bullet point on its own independent of the others plz

boosts to practices, training, and skills. kines get more for their money when they learn new things. pick kine to be an ace quickly at the expensive of a more special niche. this could take the form of several things:
- instead of 10 pracs for 1 train when converting, the exchange range is 9 or even 8 practices.
- kines can spend practices instead of trains to gain skills/spell groups they didn't take on creation, meaning they lose out on a hell of a lot less to do so
- massively, massively boosted rate of skill/spell gain when using them. kines almost never have to spam, and if they do for not logn at all until it's 100%.
- kines don't have to be maxed to get maximum lifestat gains when levelling up

kines are versatile, experimental, and willing to push boundaries of their training. pick kine if you like a class, have no real class preference, and want a twist.
- a unique Freelancer class only for Kines that would be the only "actually customizable" class in the game (so far) - pick from options for what your spells/skills would be.
- Each class has a skill Kines can learn at level 50. it cannot be taken at creation and can only be obtained through learning via trainer gain. this skill varies based on class but could cover a weakness, add a new combat option, or be useful utility. it may or may not be entirely unique or just something aonther class coudl learn grafted to this one.
- extra help if you decide to change classes. kines are flexible and tolerant of major life changes. i'm thinking this could take the form of helping you level up faster in some way, maybe based on how much xp you had when you decided to reroll

kines are the original race and while they might not follow a god, by virue of being created, not modified, into existence, they have an affinity for the divine. this is an attempt at giving them a flair beyond "boring shitty mario average race"
- kine are very slightly holy resistant, not as much as an actual game mechanic holy resistance is now.
- all kines regardless of class can tap into their divine essence for a brief moment. this boosts all skills in level and straight % (imagine cast at like level 65 with 125% mastery) and temporarily boosts your stat caps by like +2 across the board. this has a long cooldown.
- a similar, weaker sort of buff kines can experience if they visit places of great significance to rhian/tyrin/syrin. these rooms could be peppered over the world and it'd probably be both fun to find and lead to people inquiring about lore ("why do i feel this way in this spot what happened here" etc)

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Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:28 pm

Re: Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

Instead of giving each race new things, why don't we create special abilities based on the maximum attributes?

Some examples:
More than 26 in a specific attribute represents extreme human capabilities, granting special abilities:
- STR: Monkey Grip (2Her as 1Hers) and considered as a Huge race for strength checks (bash and whirlwind)
- DEX: Sneak (regardless of class) and fleeing has a chance of not showing which direction the character took
- INT: Mana regeneration ignores penalties (haste, poison, etc) and all spell casts are deciphered ('abrazak' is shown as 'armor' regardless of class casting it)
- WIS: Resistant to spell effects (not damage, only spells)
- CON: Hp/moves regeneration ignore penalties and resistant to poison/diseases (skills and spells)

It would create an incentive for caring about attributes and a small layer of character customization (like a werekin warrior would get the STR bonus while a kine wouldn't).

As for ignoring racial resistances and vulnerabilities, I have mixed feelings mostly because of dwarves and sylvan: magic damage resistance is pretty big when compared to others. I actually wouldn't mind if they received a not-as-generalistic resistance and then received a special ability.

Either way, my suggestions are all heavily based on traditional RPG races, which have good racial development - something that is pretty unclear on DR (races were created by Syrin from playing with the humans, right?).

○ Kine - Diplomat: Due to being the oldest and most common race in Rhia, kine's presence is so widely accepted that they have developed an almost racial proficiency at haggling with the most different races and creautres of the lands.
○ Werekin - Bloodline: Regardless of lycanthropy being dormant or not, werekines have a supernatural ability for telling their kin apart from the others. [innate permanent detect were]
○ Werekin - Animalism: Werekines don't need to turn into werewolves to strike fear into their foes [can cast fear while unshifted]
○ Dwarf - Earthen Affinity: While standing on normal ground, dwarves are significantly harder to be knocked down. [size goes from Medium to Huge while on terrain that doesn't require fly or boat]
○ Sylvan - Fey Blood [replaces Magic Resistance]: Due to their magical nature, sylvan are significantly resistant to charm and sleep effects.
○ Half-elf - Mixed Blood: Half-elves can pick one of the following traits: Diplomat, Fey Blood, Wings, Darkness Affinity
○ Drow - Darkness Affinity [replaces blindfighting]: Due to their underground origins, dark elves are significantly better at fighting under places with low light or blinded. On the other hand, fighting under daylight incurs them penalties.
○ Orc - Bloodlust: Orcs were born for combat and become physically stronger the worse their health conditions are.

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Post Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:41 am

Re: Racial Abilities / Changes in Creation

i mean the attribute thing seems like a decent direction, i don't think it'd really help any customization, though. race/class stat combos are 100% deterministic, you could make a table right now of what race/class combos would get which of the stat super-perks. in practice, it's more just a flat buff to whichever combos hit 26 or 27. like the 2h as 1h thing is absolutely huge given the buff to 2h weapons, there would be a pretty painful difference between 25 or under str combos vs the ones that get it. in that case i think it'd actually a disincentive to fighter combos that until then were considered viable.

but i also think to a degree that hard-baking stats and abilities and hard caps into race is some shitty grognard 3.5e style dumb game design that has no place in tyool 2015, but what do i know

Envenom wrote:Either way, my suggestions are all heavily based on traditional RPG races, which have good racial development - something that is pretty unclear on DR (races were created by Syrin from playing with the humans, right?).

yeah i think OP kind of assumes we have more interesting and in-depth racial RP than we actually have. i think in terms of like actual rp or lore all but maybe 2 races could be well-described in a paragraph or even a couple sentences. we're really about as generic fantasy race as you can get, and even looking at the stuff suggested so far in the thread is more based off their physical traits and the tropes around the race than anything relevant to rp or game history.

i just want to point out in your perk list that every class but kine get some sort of combat aid while kine can i guess buy things a little cheaper. also drow get a penalty?

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