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Elemental Skin

No matter the game - nerf mages.

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Joined: Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:54 am

Post Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:05 pm

Elemental Skin

Great to see all the hard work happening, looking forward to getting to try some of it out!

Previously in DR, I've heard lots of people say Mages are overpowered. I haven't a huge amount of understanding as to why (could never make it work myself!) but given the general consensus on this, it sounds like mages need a revamp. I've had a thought on spells that I would like them to be able to do, perhaps in place of the stronger elemental spells currently in use. Given all this great progress, it seemed like a time to mention this.

We've mostly all got Stone Skin already. For an elementalist, stone skin is basically 'earth skin', no? Stoneskin - protect me. Why not have fireskin -burns others on contact, waterskin - chance to rust weapons or armor if attacked (or something else more useful), or thunderskin - shocks/lags/trips people if they attack. The duration of these new versions would be about half of the current duration of stone skin - forcing mages to choose wisely and limiting the arsenal of damage spells they can throw at mobs. Mages would retain their lower level elemental spells (that are currently pointless really at level 50), perhaps a little stronger than they are now but not at the level of the current high level elementals.

This would also mean that if not using Stoneskin, mages are more fragile - some fuel to the fire that mages should be 'glass cannons'.

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Post Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:22 pm

Re: Elemental Skin

Mage's (over)power comes almost entirely from elementals and that's because:
a) they cost a lot less mana than other classes attack spells
b) mages can cast them extremely fast and that's very valuable for PK (less lag = faster tags)
c) their damage scales with lifestats, unlike other attack spells

Throw in that they never use haste, which allows them to get 600+ mana per tick, because melee is unecessary. Well...you'd ideally want to land occasional attacks for vorpal hits but vorpal is a whole different thing.

As for the idea...I don't know...mages are always using mirror images and that results in not being hit so I'm unsure how it would work.

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Post Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:26 pm

Re: Elemental Skin

so your idea is basically

- give mages dragon punch
- that they can choose an effect and change the effect frequently
- these effects range from burning to shock/trip/lagging people (holy god monks only wish they could do this with dragon punch)
- buff their lower level spells

what, was it not enough to have mirror images so they need yet another way to punish people for attacking them? giving them another class ability but even better while not addressing the real reason they're tanky is not the direction to take a mage rework. i'm sorry but this is straight up a bad idea.

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