Post Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:37 pm

Things on the Coders plate

As of right now Our fearless coder has quit a full plate of things to do.

His list of things are as follows, and these are in no particular order mind you:

1. The ability to add room/area affects
2. Preventing janitors from taking furniture currently in use
3. Diagnose and repair royalty payments
4. Add the ability for stores to grant discounts based on level and/or guild/clan membership
5. Make the contents of objects such as the pit and shop inventories persistent across reboots
6. Audit of level vs. trust throughout the game
7. Wiznet to discriminate between level (information) and trust (power)
8. Creation 2.0
9. Diagnose and repair jousting

Obviously, as per an earlier post Janitors and Royalties are high on the list.
There is a whole list of topics and ideas that weve come up with as staff as a whole and quite a few that Ive pulled from this forum. I will post those separately.

Thank you