Post Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:13 pm

Creation System 2.0 - How to Implement

The new creation system is a giant project. It covers a multitude of topics, provides vast number of fixes to some broken systems on Dark Risings and is meant to help guide our creative works (in terms of classes) for some time. However, I've talked with Kes several times and the system is so large there's no way to implement it all in a timely way.

So, I'd like to propose some spot fixes in order to take some of the most impactful pieces of creation and get them in ahead of the full skill/spell overhaul for each class. The top three as I can think of off the top of my head are below.

1) Fix Class Defaults

Our class defaults are awful, and it's the #1 impediment to me being gung-ho on bringing in new players. Per the new class default matrix I think it's entirely possible that we can implement new class defaults ahead of the rest of the system. This will help solve some issues for new players that we so desperately want to bring in, and will help to significantly improve things when coupled with #2.

2) Change the CP -> XP Formula

Another major part of the creation system is doing away with our exponentially scaling CP->XP calc, and putting it on a straight line. This should be a real gain for ALL players as fresh characters generally won't cost nearly as much. I would have to come back to what exactly this formula should look like at a later time (if we implement class default changes, I have to re-run all of the numbers as we will be using a new/old system hybrid for a while).

3) Groups - After talking with Kes, I'll be changing my third priority over to listing out the new skill groups, per class for him. This will be the most beneficial thing I can do to aid creation being implemented. Given the impact of #1 and #2 for quick fixes, those will be done far ahead of #3.

Will be caught in #3 -
4) Weapon System Changes

The weapon group changes should also be a higher priority than a bulk of the work in my opinion. It is a fundamental change that effects all new characters, and per Dijj has already been considered with the weapon rebuilds. I would think implementation wise, this is fits into #1, and is just a small subset of creation group changes more than anything else.
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