Post Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:03 am

EQ changes!

There are some changes coming to 2h weapons. But this isn't about those. While I was on build port making
those changes, I noticed the gear in the Inner Sanctum is pretty bad. Then I looked at the monsters carrying
it, and how difficult they are, and decided it was really bad.

So I changed some things. Most of the changes are Inner Sanctum gear, but there are a few other pieces
that got a bit of a tweak.

If you're reading this on the forums, you're in luck, because I'm going to give you a detailed list. Why?
Because I believe working to improve the game should be rewarded - even if that reward is sometimes
just knowledge.

If you're reading this in game, I encourage you to go over to the idea forums and see what's being
talked about. In the past several months mostly all of the changes made to the game have come
from the ideas there. It's also the place to go for first-hand information on details about coding,
game functionality, and now building changes!

Thanks everyone!

Link to the EQ changes: ... sp=sharing