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Doing it from behind.

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Post Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:16 pm


A rogue has a sneaky plan in place for whenever their heist or ambush goes wrong, when combat goes sour, or really just when anything just isn't going as, uh, planned.

Plans can only be set if the rogue is alone (Has to be secret!), when not in fightlag (too excited to plan well), and requires their mana to be full and spends it all. Basically trying to force you to set it up a bit ahead of time out-of-combat so no real mid-fight re-planning can happen.

A plan lasts forever once it's set up, but it only works once. Once whatever conditions for the plan happen, it's executed then you'll have to set up a new one. Ideas for plans:

The first attack that does 100+ damage to you heals you instead.
If you lose more than 300 damage in a round of combat, you get healed for the same amount (ignores the damage, basically).
The first malediction that WOULD have landed on you is ignored.
The first time an enemy tries to flee you, they'll fail and get knocked to the ground instead.
The first time you're dispelled, you'll deal a burst of damage based on how many spells you lost.
The first time you're caught stealing, you'll invisibly teleport away.
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Re: Plans/Preparations

Change forever to 'logged in session' and I think it could be really cool. Forever is a long time.

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