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Instrument Crafting

Jack of all trades.

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Post Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:00 pm

Instrument Crafting

A tradeskill of sorts for only Bards, think of it like how Rangers have Fletching.

Allows bards to create instruments with magical powers. Instruments work like staves or wands, but have unlimited charges. Instead, using one costs the bard mana and move. A bard can "play" an instrument to use it once, or "perform", which will prevent them from doing anything aside from autofighting while automatically using the instrument every couple of seconds (just an in-game way to spam it efficiently). Instruments are delicate and easily wrecked by burning/shocking/freezing, and if in combat it might be damaged, especially if the bard is knocked down or otherwise actually targeted by something.

The good news is, playing instruments when move isn't an issue can be cheaper mana-wise. Perform an instrument that heals while you and your buddies are resting to get everyone back in shape at minimal expense. Deathsong not working? Play something damaging to keep your damage-per-round up (watch out for it breaking!).

Could have temporary only-while-performing sort of effects too: Boost your group's damroll or make their spells cheaper to cast while you're performing for them, but it goes away as soon as you stop, or "blind" the opponent only as long as you can keep playing.

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Post Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:52 pm

Re: Instrument Crafting

I posted an idea similar to this ages ago.

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