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Demon quest line, RP, and some other things.

Title says it all.

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Post Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:26 pm

Demon quest line, RP, and some other things.

So, a few weeks ago we did the opening event to a new quest line. Demons started coming from a gateway in the sandstone quarry. Things were killed, gateways exploded, demon general was destroyed, fun times. On the corpse was a set of orders written in vampiric language.

Zan got the killing blow, and he had the orders. He came to me a few days later with the idea that this was the work of the demon sovereign, he would summon it, and trade the book he stole from the sovereign (which was mistake #1, because that RP had dried up long ago and dropped from the radar) for the ability to speak/read Noddish*. Because he came to a member of staff, I was able to tell him no, his idea wasn’t correct - but let’s do it anyhow, so we can make sure the orders are deciphered in an event for everyone vs. the very small group of 4 people who already had them deciphered.

So, while Zan was prepared for the worst oocly, he arranged the summoning quest still uncertain of the entire outcome. And by arranged I mean he came up with the RP items he needed, he gave input on the quest rewards (more on that in a bit) and he designed the overall flow of the quest. I appreciate it whenever a mort can come to us with a full-fledged idea, and so we made it happen - regardless of the fact it was a red herring. I even more appreciated that when Zan was warned that this would not end the way he wanted, he still wanted to go forward with it.

So we did the quest, the stuff and things happened. It honestly wasn’t even until Zan first mispronounced the name, and then made such a vague deal with a demon ‘asking for understanding’, that the quest plot itself was actually decided that nope, demon was gonna take him out and steal his book back, fulfilling the bargain technically.

Now for the reward, Zan and I liked the idea that instead of picking two or three different pieces of eq, there would be one piece of EQ and the player could pick where it was worn. Hence the idea of a brand that could be worn on head, hand, wrist, etc. Zan decided to use the brand as an RP bit that the demon personally marked him. He didn’t tell the other winners that was his plan, and that was mistake #2, because neither I or the other two people who won one had any idea that was going to be the intention behind it. To his credit, he did emphasize when he was telling the story to others that it was different because it had happened when he was knocked out... but a little communication could have alleviated some headache there.

Regardless, mistake #1 and #2 are that, mistakes, and they happen, and we have to roll with them, which everyone did.

The big problems came when additional RP items that weren’t part of the quest started coming out. Now, when someone wants to make an RP item, they send a petition. We don’t ask a ton of questions, we make it and carry on because that’s what we’re here for - to facilitate RP, not to micro-manage it. This isn’t mistake #3, but we’re going to call it that to keep with the theme here.

Ordo was doing its own thing with these items and that was fine by us - until Tils got sucked inside of it. Then V is being asked to stick Tils in an imm room to continue the RP. Again, we do that because at this point it's happened, and again, we’re not looking to interfere with RP. This was definitely mistake #4.

But because of #3 and #4, most players outside of Ordo think this is a storyline being played out for everyone, and as they try to get involved, the more disjointed it gets. Different stories come out different people from Ordo, things aren’t making sense - and the disappearance of a player is a very big thing in terms of traditional DR story - it demands intervention and involvement. One person left his guild over it. Zan’s brand and determination to fix Tils was being seen as a hostile action due to the earlier brand RP. Two other players, never directly told what was going on or any sort of plan, tried to jump in and nearly got slayed for their efforts by deciding to do something in the very worst place possible (trying to break something open at the tree where the arguably most bloodthirsty and powerful patriarch was sealed in by the sacrifice of an entire guild = BAD IDEA).

So at this point, I had to get involved on an OOC level. And that’s when we all found out together that “Ordo’s RP” wasn’t Ordo’s RP at all, and that in fact no one knew what the hell was going on. At that point I made a decision at a staff level that this needed to be immediately resolved. I am the one who suggested Arcaenum get involved, I am the one who told Tils that since she decided to lose control of her body, that is what would happen for the remainder of her entrapment. I gave Zan, Dejii, and Hrobshur a new direction, pointed them that way, and from that point until this Friday is the result of that.

Now I’ve said all that to say this: We really don’t want to have to change a player’s, or group’s, RP. But when something you’ve come up with on your own, you have not asked (or even informed) the staff of, and it begins to negatively affect players to the point of death, we are going to step in.

For those players outside of Ordo - you got strung along by something you shouldn’t have without a better understanding of what that ‘thing’ was and who it was (and in this case wasn’t) sanctioned by - and that’s on us. While most admin teams in the past have had very strong and specific RP directions in regards to story - we don’t, and though we’ve said that very thing several times, it merits saying again. DR, for us, is not where you come a player to follow the story, DR is where the players MAKE the stories.

And that doesn’t mean we’re not here to help or get involved on a staff level, either. The point is to let us help you facilitate your ideas and stories. We are open to any short-term or long-term quest lines players have to offer. But understand, we expect that the majority of the work comes from you through your own RP and planning WITH us. Then we can ask things like, ‘But are you prepared to put your character’s life literally into your guildmates hands?” “What are you going to do when someone sacrifices the gem you’re inside because you didn’t think to tell us what it was when we made it and we could have thought of that for you?” “How much is your clan aware of this RP and how can we help steer them in the right direction? Is this for Ordo’s consumption or the game at large?” “How long will you be stuck?” etc etc etc.

And I am in no way saying that you HAVE to involve us in everything your character wants to do. But if your RP could potentially disrupt or negatively affect the people connected to you, they have a right to know what’s going on to some degree. And it is never a bad idea to give the staff notice of your plans either.

So where are we?

The original demon-quarry quest is part of a longer arc, and that hasn’t changed. But we don’t plot out each move. Some of you have already been affecting and shaping that story. Zan’s possession came from a player suggesting it during the course of IC convos. Another player, despite all the fuckery (and yes that is my personal term for the last few weeks), has already figured out the exact direction to look for the real culprit - though I don’t think he’s realized it yet. (Muahahahaha.) The orders were vampiric, and that is the only factual detail involving vampires in any way, shape, or form at this time. Til’s meddling with the goo and runes got her sucked to a demonic realm from which she has now been freed, though she has suffered for it. Ordo is pariah to many other people in the game and now with said fuckery over, will have to answer to Coalition for more than one charter violation. These are, by the way, all IC consequences. We’ve also had to change helpfiles and reintroduce murder and loot in limited circumstances despite our ongoing testing - because real, meaningful, RP conflict has happened. That’s awesome, and we definitely want more of it.

Going forward, there will be another attack and more clues coming in the future. We encourage everyone to become involved, to share their suspicions and ideas with others, and continue building this storyline. If a player has an idea for a side-arc, or wants to hazard a guess in the wrong direction and see how it plays out, they are welcome to - and by letting us be in the know we can help those ideas come to life on a larger scale, better prepare you for potential consequences, and suggest other ways of doing things if your plan is wildly off base. It’s the difference between getting a quest-safe KO in the middle of RP and losing any say in what happens to your character. Our involvement doesn’t mean you’ll never suffer a negative consequence to your actions, but it does mean you’ll have a better idea of what you’re setting yourself up for.

I am opening this up for comment, but not to beat on this dead horse named Fuckery any longer.
This is in no way how I want to have to intercede and explain things going forward. I will not answer questions about the story itself or the consequences that players are now facing except with those players directly and in game.

*I can’t even type that word with a straight face. Someone give me a better name for vampspeak, I implore you. Noddish is stupid.

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Post Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:35 pm

Re: Demon quest line, RP, and some other things.

No suggestions, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for clearing up all the BS that's been going on. :D

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