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Re: Creating spells/skills

Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:21 am

Clans are there for people to make their own clan and explore the potential in whatever clan structure you propose.

My idea was exactly that: To give people in clans the opportunity to make their own spells/skills to further their RP.

Not only does it solidify their RP, but it also makes people interested in joining those clans, or become inspired to create their own.

I personally, don't see a reason why spells or skills can't be structured for PvP or PvM. As long as its well structured, all factors are taken into account such as how will this spell/skill affect RP and PK and PvM then all should be okay.

In no way was I attempting to say yeah, clans and guilds should be given the ability to make a spell which is so op'd it throws everything out of whack. I was merely suggesting that Clans and Guilds, Gypsy for example could explore spells/skills which enhance their RP on both sectors of the game. Not just RP, but also defensive PK. (The darks of Gypsy should be able to defend their people with more than just shadows).

The long and short of it, and I could be throwing myself under the bus here.

But I see clans as the potential method for making most of these proposed ideas on new skills, spells to actually become part of the game (Through hardwork) and not just well, so many people like this idea, so lets just imp it in and enjoy.

Re: Creating spells/skills

Wed Jan 21, 2015 7:35 am

On a sidenote on clans... I can think of many ideas for clans, I just don't have the alts to make them with.

The possibility of making racial based clans is extremely appealing to me.

E.g. Ogres and orcs banding together in a clan which enhances their racial natures. (Could be tribal in nature, I don't know.)

E.g. Kenders banding together as fearless explorers, (borrowers) of shiny objects.

E.g. Merfolks with a strong emphasis on piracy (Again, only a suggestion)

The possibility of clans based on class professions also appeal to me.

E.g. Necromancers banding together to perform dark rituals which could ultimately make the class more stronger or RP focused.

E.g. Rogues banding together (I know CR has the den of thieves RP) to be a thieves guild or something. I see this happening because each city as its own thieves. Why can't they be part of a larger underground network?

The possibility of a clan teaching others the basics of pk in a friendly manner. I know many pkers on DR, even if there are only 5 or so have an alt which is 'good aligned'. An idea like this could ultimately encourage players to learn pk and be tutored to a reasonable standard. (Heck, if they did it right, they could have a clan spell which allows themselves and the person they're training to be safe from outside intervention allowing for the student pker to learn pk without worry of death or being jumped.

However, these are only suggestions. Though I would love to see them all one day in DR.
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