Post Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:57 am

Battlebrief and Combat Messages

Battlebrief kicks ***. I wish it did some other stuff. I also wish I had other ways to display what goes in combat. Be in a group of 4 or more and there is a LOT of stuff flinging around and scrolling past your screen. Made exponentially worse if they're also mages and casting screen-filling elementals Here are some thoughts:

1. I wish battlebrief could offer a message that nothing happened that round when every attack got blocked, if only for the sake of keeping the rhythm of combat heartbeats going.

2. I'm not sure I really care if it was 1 or 8 attacks hurting me as much as I do just that they hurt. A condensed battle for hits would remove a lot of clutter, it'd just be a single line for the combined damage total:

Enemy damnouns you for totaldamage!
You damnoun enemy for totaldamage!

You could even add the amount of hits if you value that (Enemy damnouns you x times for totaldamage). A new damage scale for this mode would be needed so every round isn't saying nothing but mortally wounds over and over. A pair of fighters dishing out 3 attacks to a 2-attacking enemy would go from 8 possible lines to just 3.

3. Prompt displays for if I or my target are knocked down.